Podiatric Surgeons are foot and ankle specialists who practice in Alberta Health Services Facilities and provide consultation and surgical services covered by Alberta Heath Care. Podiatric Surgeons have a minimum of 10 years of education and meet a wide range of needs including: diabetic limb salvage, trauma, sports medicine, and foot and ankle reconstruction.

How can a Podiatric Surgeon help you?

Sustaining an injury to your foot can significantly impact your daily life and overall health. Podiatric Surgeons take a holistic approach to address your foot and ankle conditions with the intent of enhancing your quality of life and overall health.

Common issues Podiatric Surgeons deal with include:

How can you see a Podiatric Surgeon?

Get an appointment to see a Podiatric Surgeon in Alberta by obtaining a referral from an Alberta Licensed Medical Doctor. Alberta Heath Care provides coverage for initial consultation and many surgical services provided out of AHS hospitals. View a full list of Alberta hospitals where Podiatric Surgical Services are provided here.

Do not have a referral? Contact your preferred clinic for more information.

Which Podiatric Surgeons practice near you? And how long are their wait times?  Check out our Membership Directory to find out!

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